Fariborz Ghadar


William A. Schreyer Professor of Global Management, Policies and Planning,
Founding Director, Center for Global Business Studies


  • Business

Focus Areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Future Business Trends
  • Global Tectonics
  • Globalization
  • International Business


  • Fariborz Ghadar can speak as an expert on trending topics that impact global economics, such as immigration, cryptocurrency, and global corporate strategy and implementation.
  • He has been quoted in internationally circulated publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Washington Post, USA Today and the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Ghadar also serves as a consultant to a score of major corporations, governments and government agencies, and regularly conducts programs for executives of major multinational corporations, both in the United States and abroad.

Fariborz Ghadar is the William A. Schreyer Professor of Global Management, Policies and Planning and former director of the Center for Global Business Studies in the Smeal College of Business at Penn State. He has a wide range of research interests and specialties, including immigration; cryptocurrency; energy and sustainability; international finance and banking; global economic assessment; global corporate strategy and implementation; supply chain and emerging markets.

Ghadar recently authored a book on immigration titled: “The Danger of Devaluing Immigrants: Impacts on the U.S. Economy and Society,” published November 2022. This book is a culmination of two years of in-depth research on some of the United States’ most successful immigrants and is a follow-up to his previous book titled, “Becoming American: Why Immigration Is Good for Our Nation’s Future,” published in 2014. Additionally, Fariborz is the author of over 15 books on global economic topics, including the release of “Global Tectonics: What Every Business Needs to Know,” “Financing Growth in Developing Economies,” “New Information Technology and Its Impact on Global Business Management,” and an updated version of “Global Tectonics Revisited” which more accurately reflects the current and future global business environment.

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