Penn State’s faculty experts with media experience are available to provide context and commentary on a variety of topics. You can search by name or by topic to identify the most appropriate expert for your story.

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Health & Medicine

‘Tripledemic’: Infectious Disease Experts

Penn State has one of the largest clusters of infectious disease, data and policy scientists in its Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics (CIDD), where researchers are readily available to help us better understand how new pandemic viruses emerge, mutate and evolve; the efficacy of vaccines and therapeutics in development; and the mathematic modeling that can measure public health outcomes and identify ways to manage outbreaks.

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Earth Science

Climate, Energy and the Environment

The effects of human-caused climate change continue to ripple around the world. Penn State experts are at the forefront of the science behind the effects and possible solutions.

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Law and Policy


Penn State has experts in both the technical and policy aspects of cybersecurity.

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Politics & Policy


The Penn State community includes a wide range of faculty members and researchers who contribute to an open, public dialogue on important political issues across the state, nation and world. Our faculty often speak with the media on research related to issues that are top of mind during elections.

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Earth Science

Extreme Weather

World Meteorological Organization data show that weather-related disasters have increased five-fold over the past 50 years, resulting in more than 2 million deaths and $3.64 trillion in damages. Evidence in the most recent International Panel on Climate Change report suggests that increasing global temperatures will continue to make these events more frequent.

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Social Sciences

Russia-Ukraine conflict

​Penn State has a wide range of faculty experts who are readily available to give insight on the evolving and ongoing economic, political, cultural and legal impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

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