Alfonso Mejia


Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • Engineering & Technology

Focus Areas:

  • Hydrology
  • Water Resources


  • Through his research, Mejia has helped build, implement and verify modeling systems to improve the prediction of extreme weather events, including floods and drought.
  • Mejia's expertise on the intertwined dynamics of water and other systems allows him to speak on topics related to the impact of climate change on water and extreme weather events, water sustainability and access, and the role of water in the supply chain.
  • He studies nature-based solutions in infrastructure for improving water quality and mitigating flood risk.

Alfonso Mejia is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Penn State, whose research focuses on water and water resources. Mejia studies water from an engineering and resource management perspective, including hydrology and the physical processes that drive the hydrological cycle, and how those processes interact with communities and infrastructure. He also studies water as it relates to climate change and an increase in extreme weather events such as flooding and drought. Recent research highlights include developing a framework for better assessing flood risk and developing a risk model linking supply chain diversity to the probability of a city experiencing food shocks.

In The Media

Supply chain complexity 'protects big cities from shortages'

from Supply Chain Digital April 24, 2023

“Diversity increases complexity, which is a good thing in nature. Having many species that can do various tasks makes that ecosystem less vulnerable in the face of wildfires, floods and other natural disasters."

Penn State study: Pa. flood risk rising with climate change

from Penn. Capital-Star February 5, 2022

“Our projections suggest that flood hazards and exposure across Pennsylvania are overall increasing with future climate change.”

Study: Flood risk rising across Pennsylvania as climate changes

from StateImpact Pennsylvania December 31, 2021

“Places that…today have the highest risks of flooding, those same places seem to be the ones that are at most risk 50, 100 years from now.”

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