Joshua  Inwood


Associate Professor of Geography and African Studies


  • Social Sciences
  • Civil Rights
  • Politics & Policy

Focus Areas:

  • Demography
  • History
  • Population Research
  • Racism
  • Social Justice Movements
  • Ethics Education
  • Politics


  • Inwood's research seeks to understand the social, political and economic structures that makes people vulnerable to exploitations.
  • He also studies how oppressed populations use social justice movements to change their conditions.

Joshua Inwood is an associate professor of geography and African studies at Penn State and holds a joint appointment with the University’s Rock Ethics Institute. Inwood’s research investigates how Civil Rights organizations used geospatial data techniques to calculate, map, and analyze the spatial and social dimensions of segregation in the US South during the US civil rights struggle. His other long-standing research interests are focused on the movement to address human wrongs through truth and reconciliation commissions, Settler colonialism, and impacts of whiteness and race in the U.S.

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