Felecia Davis


Associate Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture ,
Carey Memorial Early Career Professor in the Arts,
Director of SOFTLAB@PSU


  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Engineering & Technology

Focus Areas:

  • Energy
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Solar Fabrics
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials Science
  • Sustainable Design

In The Media:


  • Director of the SOFTLAB@psu research group in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Stuckeman Center for Design Computing

Felecia Davis is an assistant professor at the Stuckeman Center for Design and Computation in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Penn State and is the director of SOFTLAB@PSU.

Davis develops computational textiles or textiles that respond to commands through computer programming, electronics and sensors for use in architecture. These responsive textiles used in lightweight shelters will transform how we communicate, socialize and use space.

Davis has lectured, taught workshops, published and exhibited her work in textiles, computation and architecture internationally, including at the Swedish School of Textiles, Microsoft Research, and MIT’s Media Lab.

In The Media

Felecia Davis, now an architecture professor at Penn State University, conceived a memorable project, “One Week, Eight Hours,” that recorded the movement of sunlight along the interior surfaces of one of the row houses over the length of a week. Making graphic the patterns that most people rarely notice, the project highlighted not only natural phenomena, but also the history and experiences of those who once lived there.

"I am excited to work with textiles in general in design because they have such a broad and fundamental role in people’s lives, keeping us warm, clean, dry, filtering our air, providing psychological support, allowing us to communicate with each other and so many other roles. It is exciting to be able to work from the very micro scale, with digital information in conjunction with material to understanding how this affects our lives at the scale of a room, or building or city for example." - Felicia Davis

Women in Science Profile

from WPSU March 1, 2017

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