Erica Frankenberg


Professor of Education and Demography


  • Civil Rights
  • Education

Focus Areas:

  • Diversity
  • Racism
  • Social Justice Movements
  • Civil Rights Education


  • Frankenburg's research examines how demographic patterns relate to school segregation, as well as the relationship between housing and school segregation
  • Another aspect of her work examines how districts respond to the Supreme Court's 2007 voluntary integration decision, and how de facto segregation has evolved, and its impact

Erica Frankenberg is a professor of educational and demography at Penn State’s College of Education. Her research focuses on racial and economic segregation in K-12 schools and the connection between school segregation and other metropolitan policies. A large component of her work looks at how the design of school choice policy affects racial and economic student stratification.

Frankenberg is the co-director of the Center for Civil Rights and Education, a faculty research affiliate in the Center for the Study of Higher Education, and a faculty research associate in the Population Research Institute.

In The Media

‘Do You Support Busing?’ Is Not the Best Question

from The New York Times July 6, 2019

“That could have been a really different turning point in terms of how we think about school desegregation, but also about our neighborhoods,” said Erica Frankenberg, a professor of education at Penn State.

Controversial redistricting plan adopted in Maryland school system

from The Washington Post November 22, 2019

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