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  • Catharine I. Paules is the site principal investigator for the Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
  • She is available to comment on the clinical aspects of COVID-19, preparedness for COVID-19 cases, safety and efficacy of COVID-19 therapeutics, COVID-19 vaccines, public health safety measures, and the FDA approval process.

Catharine Paules is an infectious diseases physician, specializing in the care of immunocompromised patients, at the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and an assistant professor in the Penn State College of Medicine. Her research focuses on a range of infectious diseases, including measles, influenza, and coronavirus infections, as well as the vaccines and therapeutics that are deployed to help combat these diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Paules has been actively engaged with the public and media to expand awareness and understanding with a goal of helping to curb the virus’s spread and protect human health.

In The Media

What You Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine

from HealthDay December 16, 2020

"The vaccine is a scarce resource right now. So, people should be sure that when they request the first dose, they'll be able to follow through with the second." - Catharine Paules

We Need a Universal Flu Vaccine before the Next Pandemic Strikes

from Scientific American February 1, 2018

"The remarkable capacity of influenza viruses to undergo antigenic drift or shift to overcome and escape human population immunity leaves us vulnerable to a public health disaster potentially as serious as the 1918 pandemic." - Catharine I. Paules and Anthony S. Fauci

“This type of vaccine — mRNA — has been studied before. But this will be the first time they’ve been authorized for use broadly in the United States.” - Catharine Paules

“Individuals will need to wear a mask, everyone’s that’s there should wear a mask. People will need to be distanced. There will need to be good cleaning."

Published Work

5 things you need to know if you think you might have coronavirus

Catharine Paules, Fast Company January 30, 2020

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