Brett Scofield


Executive Director, The Center for Collegiate Mental Health,
Co-Interim Senior Director, Center for Counseling and Psychological Services


  • Health & Medicine
  • Social Sciences

Focus Areas:

  • Collegiate Mental Health
  • Communication
  • Family Dynamics


  • Scofield is available to comment on collegiate mental health findings, trends and research, and against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Scofield can speak about counseling and psychological services provided at the collegiate level and their impact on student’s mental health.
  • He can discuss prominent mental health concerns and their impacts on college students’ experiences and health.

Brett Scofield, PhD, is the Executive Director of the Center for Collegiate Mental Health and the Co-Interim Senior Director for Counseling and Psychological Services. In his role as a psychologist, Dr. Scofield is a practicing counselor working with college students and staff for a variety of mental health concerns. He specializes in treating those with anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, mood disorders, relationship issues, research and technology. In addition, he also oversees the research conducted by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health and helps to develop the annual report.

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