Bing  Pan


Associate Professor of Commercial Recreation and Tourism


  • Business

Focus Areas:

  • Data Analytics
  • Park and Tourism Management

In The Media:


  • Pan can speak to big data in tourism, smart tourism, sustainable tourism, and international tourism trends.
  • His current research looks at the social, ethical, and moral issues of smart tourism and the use of mobile and Twitter data to improve services for national park visitors while still protecting these national treasures and their wildlife.

Bing Pan is an associate professor of commercial recreation and tourism. His research involves looking at big data in recreation and tourism, using information technologies, and gauging online and consumer behavior in the tourism industry. With more than 15 years of research experience with tourism organizations and national parks, he has worked on projects on data analytics, visitor intercept survey, agent-based simulations, economic impact analysis, market research, and ROI analysis. Some of his other academic research interests include e-commerce, destination marketing, agent-based simulations, and well-being and tourism.

In The Media

"So what’s driving the latest trends in U.S. tourism – and what does that mean for the nation’s image on the global stage? Many elements played a part in the lackluster performance of the US international tourism industry in the past two years. Ample evidence shows that the Trump administration contributed to this. It's hard to quantify the exact amount, but it's likely less significant than many people think."

"I am a researcher who studies tourism. Many factors impact the volumes of travel between countries, including travelers' income levels, exchange rates, diplomatic relations and hospitality infrastructure. Even the release of a movie can affect the volume of tourists."

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