Alexis  Santos


Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies


  • Social Sciences

Focus Areas:

  • Demography
  • Economics
  • Population Research

In The Media:


  • Santos can speak to big0data topics such as population estimates and projections, health inequalities, and demographic information, including questions related to the census.
  • He uses biomarker data to explore implications of alternative measurements of physiological dysregulation in understanding of health disparities.

Alexis R. Santos (Santos-Lozada) is an applied demographer and population health scientist whose research examines policy implications of demographic transformations in the United States and the international community and the study of social disparities in stress, health, and mortality.

His health and mortality projects are focused on post-climate disasters disparities and vulnerabilities due to different socioeconomic status. For example, after Hurricane María, Santos began a series of projects to study its effects on Puerto Rico’s population. The projects included the Puerto Rican Diaspora Study, an online survey for Puerto Ricans living in the United States about the strategies their families use to deal with post-Hurricane disaster conditions. The work also deals with the appropriate count of the number of deaths attributable to Hurricane Maria.

In The Media

"A lot of people who are working everyday jobs who rely on demographics, they get their information from public data. And what we are at risk here is of putting out tabulations that do not help them at all and can misguide the decisions they're making."

“The Caribbean is set to be hit by more weather disasters in the future, based on forecast models, and we don’t want history to repeat itself.” -Alexis Santos

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