Sally Mackenzie


Lloyd and Dottie Huck Chair for Functional Genomics,
Professor for Biology and Plant Science


  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Agriculture

Focus Areas:

  • Plant Biology

In The Media:


  • All projects in the lab integrate molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, epigenomics, computational biology and phylogenetic approaches in research plans

Sally Mackenzie’s work investigates how nuclear genes interact with mitochondria and plastids to control plant growth and environmental responses. She studies the role of nuclear genes in directing tissue-specific organelle behaviors that can transition plants between pollen fertile and sterile states, or environmental stress responses that can be inherited by their progeny.

Mackenzie’s lab primarily works with Arabidopsis, tomato, soybean, sorghum and canola.

On the Web

Laboratory website

In The Media

"The finding comes from Penn State University, where researcher Sally Mackenzie and her team found that soybeans can be genetically fooled into sensing that they're under attack. In response, the 'threatened' soybeans grew better and produced up to 14 percent more beans."

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