Maciej Boni


Associate Professor of Biology


  • Health & Medicine
  • Agriculture

Focus Areas:

  • Drug Resistance
  • Genomics
  • Global Health
  • Infectious Disease
  • Vector-borne Diseases


  • Maciej Boni is an expert in global health and epidemiology, with particular expertise on COVID-19, human influenza, and highly pathogenic avian influenza.
  • He is available to comment broadly on the various modeling efforts underway to predict the spread of SARS-CoV-2.
  • He can speak about the effectiveness of the current COVID-19 vaccines, including the extent of vaccination coverage that may be required across the population to achieve herd immunity.
  • Boni can discuss the projected healthcare impacts of COVID-19 based on the virus's infection rate at any given point.

​Maciej Boni is an associate professor of biology with a wide array of research interests, including the epidemiology and evolution of COVID-19, human influenza, highly pathogenic avian influenza, malaria, and dengue. He uses models to study the spread of these diseases and potential population-level treatment strategies.

Boni is an expert on the evolutionary history and origins of SARS-CoV-2, as well as the virus’s ongoing evolution. During the pandemic, he has served as an advisor to several states regarding hospital preparedness for treating COVID-19 patients; in particular, generating models to predict the number of required hospital beds, among other healthcare needs.

In The Media

Sprawling Countries Find Coronavirus Hard to Contain

from The Wall Street Journal July 8, 2020

“All other things being equal, it’s harder to manage an epidemic in a large country than a small country.” - Maciej Boni

“Once in a while, one of these viruses wins the lottery.” - Maciej Boni

“It's like looking at the first 60 minutes of a hurricane and saying it's almost over. It's not almost over at all." - Maciej Boni

"While it is possible that this virus, like many other respiratory viruses, will not survive as readily in warm temperatures, it will be encountering a “completely susceptible” U.S. population, said Maciej F. Boni, an associate professor of biology at Penn State University."

Is the coronavirus outbreak as bad as SARS?

from LiveScience January 30, 2020

"I think that people should understand that even if most cases are mild, the level of severe infections still means that this coronavirus could affect millions and millions of Americans severely," Boni said.

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