Lisette Garcia


Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging


  • Social Sciences
  • Civil Rights
  • Business

Focus Areas:

  • Demography
  • Family and Work Demands
  • Diversity
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Management and Organization
  • Ethical Leadership and Decision-Making


  • Garcia can provide expertise on diversity and inclusion in the workplace broadly, including best practices, workplace trends and recommendations.
  • Garcia can speak to changing demographics, with a focus on Hispanic communities, and what this means for the labor force. She can also provide insight on Hispanic entrepreneurship and Hispanic individuals in the workplace.
  • Garcia's research and experience lends itself to providing thoughtful insights on women in the workplace, especially women of color.
  • Garcia can discuss early-career hires in the workplace and why employers should focus on these early-career employees. She can also speak to management and organizations, education and ethical leadership and politics and policy around the workplace.
  • Garcia's experience also lends itself to broad conversations on social sciences, business, race and ethnicity.

Lisette Garcia is the Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. She has almost a decade of research and leadership experience in corporate diversity and inclusion. Garcia has a wide range of experience in overseeing operational work, designing and implementing strategic plans, fostering community and corporate partnerships, conducting research and leading data collection and analysis and designing tools and processes for measuring diversity-related efforts in corporate practice.

Garcia is an active member of the Southern Sociological Society, where she serves as a member of the executive committee and as chair of the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion task force. She also serves as chair of the equity and inclusion committee for the American Association of University Women. Garcia is a member of the Minority Fellowship Advisory Panel in the American Sociological Association, and in recent years, she served as a member of the organization’s Spivack Program in Applied Social Research and Social Policy Advisory Panel. Garcia received the NCID Exemplary Diversity Scholar Citation for her contributions to diversity-related research, practice and teaching, and she has been the recipient of numerous academic awards and honors.

Garcia’s focus areas and areas of expertise is broad, including topics of diversity, management and organizations, workplace trends, demography, education and ethical leadership, decision making, social sciences, business, race, ethnicity, and politics and policy.

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