Forrest Briscoe


Professor of Management and Organization,
Frank & Mary Jean Smeal Research Fellow


  • Business

Focus Areas:

  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Management and Organization


  • ​Forrest Briscoe is a professor of management and organization and a Frank & Mary Jean Smeal research fellow. His research involves understanding how organizational decision-makers behave when new changes are controversial, and pinpointing which stakeholders are advocating for or against them. Most recently, he has examined a range of new practices for this purpose including those related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), resource allocation, workforce diversity, and supply chain management.
  • Briscoe also studies the rise of employee activism as well as the effects that new organizational practices have on employees whose traditional ways of working are often being challenged and disrupted.

Briscoe is available to speak on rising trends related to employee activism as well as the social aspects of the COVID-19 vaccine within the workplace and the viability of employers requiring COVID-19 vaccines from employees.

In The Media

"The notion of mandatory worker vaccinations has some precedent; many hospitals and nursing homes, as well as the U.S. military, have required flu vaccinations for years." - Forrest Briscoe

"Businesses are also taking other actions in response to the siege, but these aren't necessarily directed at politicians." - Forrest Briscoe

"Yet if scientists do find answers in our genes, we need to consider the implications for genetic privacy. " - Forrest Briscoe

What are York County's nonprofit execs paid?

from York Daily Record April 21, 2017

"If you're at the top of a health care organization, you're going to have pay that's higher than many members of the organization." - Forrest Briscoe

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